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ECA Car Care

Shampoo Super +

Shampoo Super +

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ECA Care Care Shampoo Super+ is a highly lubricant vehicle shampoo designed specifically to reduce marring and marking during the contact stage or washing. When combined with a microfibre wash mitt of lambs wool wash pad this shampoo is highly effective of breaking down and safely removing any remaining debris. Shampoo Super+ leaves a satisfying finish to your vehicle with ease.

Application is best using a microfibre wash mitt or lambs wool wash pad combined with ECA Car Care Buckets with Grit Guards.


  1. Add 50-100 ML of Shampoo Super+ to a 10 Litre Wash Bucket
  2. Foam up the bucket using a pressure washer or by mixing.
  3. Apply to the vehicle using a wash mitt or wash pad.
  4. Rinse off thoroughly with High Pressure Jet Wash

WARNING: Do not let this product dry on the surface of the vehicle, not recommended for use in direct sunlight.

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