Kranzle Therm 715 T inc Hose Reel



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The latest addidition to the range of big hot water Kranzle therm machines is the 7 series providing intensive cleaning power and lasting durability capable of demanding daily cleaning requirements. Professional design matched with our existing innovative proven pump and motor technology offers exceptional quality and robustness and is available in both single or three phase power options.
The all-terrain chasis with wide rubber wheels is fitted with an easy to operate parking brake and offers two additional brackets for easy access storage of the gun and lance. Therm 7 series hot water high pressure cleaners are built with minimal electronic controls and components creating a new sleek professional look with simple to operate classic design.

Big Therms main benefits, or features include:


  • Fully adjustable pressure
  • Steam stage to 140°C
  • High pressure chemical facility
  • Quick release trigger gun/lance
  • 20-30 second delayed Total-Stop, helping reduce unnecessary start/stopping of the machine
  • 4-way safety system with over-load protection
  • Additional electrical over-current protection
  • Safety thermostat, triggers when emission temperatures exceed 230°C
  • Low level fuel cut out
  • Optical flame monitoring


Product characteristics:

    • UPGRADED: Integrated water tank
    • UPGRADED: High-pressure chemical valve
    • Roto-Mold trolley takes rough ground in its stride
    • Neat arrangement system
    • Shock absorbing buffers
    • Parking brake
    • UPGRADED: Quick-release Starlet trigger gun with safety catch
    • 10M high-pressure hose with swivel fitting
    • UPGRADE: (T version) : Integrated hose drum, optionally
    • T version includes UPGRADED: 20M hose with swivel fitting
    • Quick-release stainless steel lance with spray nozzle
    • Quick-release Dirtkiller lance, optionally
    • 5M power lead with UK 3-pin plug with cable reel
    • Quiet and durable electric induction motor (1,400 rpm)
    • Advanced water inlet suction / priming design
    • UPGRADED: Steam stage temperatures up to 140°C


  • UPGRADED: Safety prevention devices as standard
  • UPGRADED: Delayed Total-Stop motor version



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