Collection: Professional Detergents

Clean quickly and more effectively with lower energy consumption and less waste water pollution from mineral oil residues. There are numerous benefits to using Kärcher's professional cleaning and care agents.

For superior results with just 0.25% dilution, Kärcher’s patented, highly concentrated detergents are specially formulated to deliver the best possible protection for the operator, machine and environment – and of course the sparkling results Kärcher is renowned for.

Developed to Kärcher’s exacting standards the innovative range includes task-specific solutions for particular surfaces and contaminants as well as ingredients to boost machine protection. Highly concentrated formulas save storage space and conserve natural resources through reduced packing material and transport costs throughout the supply chain. In the manufacture of its new eco!ogic universal cleaner Kärcher is using tensides exclusively from 100% renewable raw materials and a bottle made from >96% plant-based plastic.