SkyVac Gutter Cleaning Solutions

Sky Vac Gutter Clearing Equipment has long been an affordable, reliable and profitable solution for clearing gutters safely from the ground. These highly customised systems comprise of high power wet and dry vacuums, carbon fibre poles reaching up to 40 feet, inspection cameras and durable end tools.

ECA Cleaning Ltd are proud to be an authorised UK Main Dealer for SkyVac and enjoy a very good relationship with their UK Head Office. This ensures that we are not able to supply you with your brand new SkyVac Gutter Vacuums, but also support its lifetime. We support the full UK Warranty, Servicing, Spare Parts and of course Accessories.

  • SkyVac Atom

    The SkyVac Atom is the entry level machine offering a single suction motor, lightweight and compact design and the option of either Push Fit or Clamp Fit Carbon Poles. This Mighty little Gutter Vac is suitable for home use or a great addition to an established window cleaning business.

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  • SkyVac Sonic

    The SkyVac Atom Sonic takes everything we love about the Atom including its lightweight design, compact frame and poles options but adds more suction power! The SkyVac Sonic is a great option for those tougher jobs.

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  • SkyVac Commercial 75

    The SkyVac Commercial Gutter Cleaning Vac is the first in the range to offer a massive 3300 Watts of Suction Motor Power and comes standard with Clamped Fit Carbon Fibre Poles! This lightweight, robust and easy to transport gutter cleaner takes tasks very seriously!

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  • SkyVac Industrial 85

    When you want the best, look no further than the SkyVac Industrial 85! This 3 Motor Gutter Vacuum System offers incredible suction power, Elite Carbon Fibre Poles, Aluminium Elite End Tools Drain Hose and Tilting Chassis

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  • SkyVac Interceptor

    No Power? Well don't worry, the SkyVac Interceptor has the solution. This remarkable gutter cleaner has a petrol engine attached with powers to suction turbine giving all the power needed for the toughest of gutter clearances without the need for an electricity supply.

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When it comes to Gutter Cleaning it is essential that you not only have to right gutter vac but also the correct carbon fibre pole system, end tools, angled adaptors and inspection systems. Sky Vac offer a full range of every accessory you can think of including the extremely popular SkyScraper and Wire Brush. Check the range out below.