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Why do gutters get blocked?

Why do gutters get blocked? - ECA Cleaning Ltd

Derek Stowe |

A combination of leaves, twigs, moss and other debris can collect in gutters over time and soon cause blockages resulting in rain water not being able to pass through. When wet leaves bunch together this can cause serious issues when washed into downpipes and corner fittings.

When this debris is left in this form it will slowly decompose and create a fertile compost, perfect breading ground for seeds, moss, weeds and other plantation as it gets blown onto the roof or dropped by birds. If left unchecked these invasive weeds can overtake your gutters and blocking the natural flow of water.

Inspecting the gutters is highly recommended and can be down with a recordable or non recordable SkyCam. This SkyCam can be mounted to any SkyVac System including the SkyVac Atom, SkyVac Industrial 85 or SkyVac Interceptor.

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