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Suttner Chemical Injector | ST160 | Body Only

Suttner Chemical Injector | ST160 | Body Only

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This venturi chemical injector has a restrictive orifice that the water stream is forced through. Operating this chemical injector with a device that contains a low pressure nozzle such as a Suttner ST75 foam lance causes a vacuum effect within the chemical injector. Chemical is then drawn up into the water stream. These injectors are used in many industries for industrial cleaning including Agriculture, Automotive and the Food processing industry. This is an essential piece of equipment for anyone looking to design and build an efficient cleaning system within a factory environment. Suitable for systems used to clean vehicles carrying cattle and food processing areas to avoid bacterial spread. We have a range of equipment that can be used in combination with our chemical injectors to apply foam. These are all designed and manufactured by RM Suttner in Germany. The ST75 Foam Head, ST76 Foam Blaster or our extremely innovative Triple Nozzle which is specifically designed for applying foam and disinfectant chemicals within food processing environments.


In order for the chemical injector to add chemical to the water stream the pressure being exerted through the injector needs to be lowered. It is important to get the correct injector size combined with foam nozzle size. The larger the hole where the water flow exits the lower the pressure becomes. The higher the water flow of the system the injector is operating on the larger the nozzle hole needs to be. This ensures the pressure is kept low enough to create the vacuum effect required to add chemical to the water stream. If you know the flow and pressure of the system your injector will be working on you can use our interactive chart below to ensure you select the correct products.

We highly recommend using a chemical filter on the end of your chemical tube. This helps to prevent any unwanted debris possibly entering your chemical injector and causing a blockage. Always check the viscosity of the chemical you are using as this can greatly affect the draw rate of the chemical into the water stream. Dosing of chemical can be adjusted by adding one of the ten nozzles inserts which are provided with each injector.

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