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The ST-83 disinfection cold fogging device is perfect for disinfection, humidification, cooling, odor neutralization, pest control, mold treatment and dust deposition. The cold disinfection device can be placed in a room on its own. The cold mist spreads throughout the room and penetrates even the smallest cracks. The device comes with two nozzle inserts, one for better swirling suitable in smaller rooms such as passenger compartments. The other nozzle has a larger throw range for the treatment of entire rooms or for targeted treatment at the air intake of ventilation systems.

All that is required for operation is a compressed air connection with an effective air volume of approx. 200 l / min and at least 3 bar air pressure. After the agent to be dispensed has been filled into the container, the container is placed in the room to be treated and connected to the compressed air.

Depending on the room volume, medium volume, air volume and operating pressure, the room is completely filled with active ingredient mist. Due to the extremely fine nebulization, the active ingredient reaches the last corner reliably and thus ensures effective and even wetting of all surfaces. In contrast to conventional methods, the user does not come into contact with the agent to be applied.

A compressed air connection is required, the air inlet is a series 25 probe.

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