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This 2800 watt (2 x 1400) gutter vacuum system boasts the right mix of suction muscle (110”) and air speed (7166 LPM) to power through gutter cleans and blockages. An immense blow function gets rid of stubborn pine needles and leaves. With a 45L steel drum, mounted on sturdy multi directional castors, it offers the right mix of debris capacity and mobility to get to, and through, a variety of projects. The lightweight clamped pole system includes the Vac release cuff and Anti-block neck, for easy high reach access and total suction control, from the pole!
Everything that you love about the skyVac Mighty Atom, but…
  • POWERFUL: 2800 Watts - The right mix of suction & blow function.
  • COMPACT: Fits in the Van – with a 45L drum & hardcore Vac head.
  • HIGH REACH: Light weight clamped pole system - Vac Release Cuff & Anti-block hairpin neck – High Reach with Low Effort. 
  • MOBILE: 4 sturdy multi-directional castors & 17.2KG.


The dual motor 2800Watt system delivers the perfect suction mix to take on the full range of gutter cleans. 110” water lift muscle, combined with 7166 LPM air flow, gets the job done fast! Domestic and commercial gutter cleans – sorted! From moss crumbs to fallen leaves, deep rooted gutter turf, and blocked downpipes, the skyVac Atom Sonic is up to the task! The powerful blow function is ideal for blasting out pesky pine needles, or debris trapped in gutter corners with tight access. The compact vacuum head is designed to maximise the drum capacity. The filter is housed behind a protective steel plate that lines up with the 50mm cyclonic entry port, to minimise blockages and guide debris around the drum. This steel plate deflects dirt and debris, and doubles as a sturdy vac head stand. The cleated filter cartridge is removable and easy to clean. To empty, simply unclip and remove the vac head and tip out the contents that have collected in the light weight steel drum (6.5kg Empty). The 45L drum is mounted on 4 multi directional castors making it easy to manoeuvre around properties, and at 17.2kg, can easily be lifted in and out of the van.

Our 50mm Clamped suction pole system comes with the EXCLUSIVE skyVac Vac Release cuff (Patent Pending), for instant suction control with a simple twist. It also includes the EXCLUSIVE Anti-Block Hairpin neck (Eu Design Protected) with an oversized neck which improves air circulation and eliminates blockages. The continuous 50mm diameter from the Hairpin neck, right through to cyclonic vac entry port allows maximum air flow to the skyVac Atom Sonic motor, for maximum suction with faster results. Weighing in at just 350gms per 1.5m, the clamped poles are easy and securely slotted together, for quick, high access. Rigid, for firm control at full working height, but without the energy zapping weight.


    With the Elite Hairpin Rigid Neck Tool holder, blockages are minimised. The curved shape and wider passageway of the neck section create more space for debris and air to circulate, for smooth movement through the 135-degree angle. This reduces the bottlenecks and blockages that can be caused by twigs and stubborn gutter clumps and turf.

    With the improved air flow leading to a faster clean and a reduction in downtime through blockages, this innovative neck gets the job quicker!


    > Secure clamping mechanism.
    > skyVac Elite Vac Release cuff - 1 pole included.
    > Ultra-lightweight and durable carbon fibre hybrid materials.
    > 350gms weight per pole.
    > 50mm diameter poles.
    > Interconnecting poles easily slot together.
    > skyVac Elite Hairpin tool holder.
    > Compatible with the skyScraper for roof cleaning
    > Compatible with skyVac Elite specialist neck angles and end tools.


    With packages available from 20ft to 40ft, working safely at height is simple. The lightweight interchangeable clamped carbon fibre poles can be customised to suit heights and angles enabling a sole operator to access hard to reach locations such as above conservatories and over garages.

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SKYVAC ATOM SONIC Specifications

> Motor Wattage: 2800 Watt (2 x 1400 Watt)
> Water Lift: 110”
> Air Flow Movement: 7166 litres per minute
> Decibel Level: 74 dB
> Container Capacity: 45 litres
> Mains Connection: 240v
> Power Cable Length: 8 metres
> Weight: 17.2kg (Vac Head: 10.7kg / Drum Weight: 6.5kg)
> Dimensions: L48 - W48 - H78
> Cyclonic side Entry: 50mm
> Blow Port: 50mm