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SkyVac Elite Tool - High Flow

SkyVac Elite Tool - High Flow

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Our Hi-Flow end tool does just that, helping to improve the circulation around lighter and more pliable gutter debris.  The wider mouth disperses the suction power around the lighter debris and ushers it into through the funnel and into the suction tubes.  It’s a bit like crowd control for gutter clutter.   

Pine Needles: 

These pesky needles, tumble into the gutters, knitting together, and building up over time to form gutter barricades.  Unlike leaves and moss, pine needles are incredibly resilient and incredibly slow to decompose.  So, if they’re up there, they’re not going away! 

The wide mouth attachment allows the air to move around the needles and ease them in smaller manageable chunks into the suction poles, 

Post Roof Clean Moss Crumbs:

So you’ve scraped the roof, and it’s now free of moss crumbs, but you still have the clean up to do!

Those spongey moss bobbles go everywhere!  The large surface area of the mouth means a faster clean up and when used with the skyVac® Hairpin neck, you really are onto a winner. 

Roof done; Moss gone: Gutters sorted.  Onto the next project. 

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