Karcher RM 99 Solar Cleaner


A highly efficient, gentle and biodegradable cleaning agent for residue and streak - free cleaning of solar and photovoltaic systems. Ideal solution for stubborn dirt and rust.

  • Winner of the Pulire Innovation Award 2013
  • For removing stubborn and greasy dirt
  • Prevents limescale at all water hardness levels, even without the use of a water softening systems
  • Residue-free, streak-free, drying cleaning
  • Reduce soiling
  • No damage to the solar and photovoltaic modules, as well as the glass and plastic coatings, anodised and normal aluminium frame
  • Gentle surface treatment thanks to improved characteristics of the cleaning brushes
  • DLG - Tested
  • Highly efficient
  • non-hazardous classification
  • Harmless draining into the sewerage system, which is connected to the municipal sewerage treatment plant
  • Easily biodegradable (in accordance with OECD Directive)