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Farecla Pro Scratch Remover Paste

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Using Engineered Abrasive Technology particles, G3 Pro Scratch Remover Paste permanently removes minor scratch marks that do not stop your fingernail when run over the surface.

The appearance of deeper scratches will be diminished. G3 Pro Scratch Remover Paste is thick and easy to control, making it ideal for small areas.

  • Eliminates light scratches or diminishes the look of deeper defects
  • Easy to control paste – ideal for small areas
  • Highly Commended Product – Auto Express Colour Restorer 2018
  • Silicone free – bodyshop safe
  1. Ensure surface is spotlessly clean, dry and cool
  2. Dampen a G3 Pro White Applicator Waffle Pad
  3. Apply a small amount to the applicator
  4. Apply even pressure in a straight back and forth motion starting left to right and then up and down
  5. Stop once the scratch is removed or if the paint begins to fade. If dulling appears DON’T PANIC! Simply use G3 Pro Paint Renovator or G3 Pro Colour Restorer with a clean G3 Pro White Applicator Waffle Pad. This is most likely on darker paints
  6. Remove residue with a soft, clean, dry cloth