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One of our BEST SELLERS, the high quality SUTTNER ST2300 SQRC washgun. A professional washgun designed to complement a range of Suttner products. It's rugged and durable to meet the demands of the pressure washing industry. Complete with a swivel inlet to take pressure off the wrist when turning the washgun. Featuring a quick release head to ensure a speedy change when different lances are required.

Our ST-73.1 foam lance is fitted with an interchangeable injecting nozzle and a foaming pad. By turning an adjustable grip handle the concentration of foaming agent in the water can be adjusted. The injector unit is made from stainless steel and has 5 defined dosing positions.

The Stainless Steel Quick Release Short Power Nozzle offers the easiest and most convenient way to control the trigger and clean in cramped environments.


We offer this kit for any power and size pressure washer, the kit comes as standard with an 030 nozzle size however if you would like something different please put this in the notes and we will exchange free of charge. Different sized nozzle kits needed after despatch are £15.

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