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The Karcher High Pressure EASY!Force Trigger Gun is suited for Karcher Professional HD & HDS Pressure Washers using Easy!Lock connectivity.

New EASY!Force technology allows full comfort for the operator, it has never been so easy to control pressure with ease and comfort.


EASY!Force: It has never been so easy to control pressure

Experience the new dimension of ergonomics in high-pressure cleaning: with the new EASY!Force HD trigger gun, you need zero holding force and can clean effortlessly with less stress.

A question of comfort

Working with high-pressure cleaners is physically demanding. That is why comfort is important. Constantly holding the trigger of conventional HD trigger guns soon leads to tiredness, painful hands and a cramped working posture. Extensive cleaning is difficult without taking frequent breaks or even changing operators. Karcher EASY!Force technology changes this once and for all. No more holding force. It has never been so easy to clean with high pressure.

Full ceramic valve for a longer lifetime

When high-pressure guns fail, this is largely due to faulty valves damaged by particles. Karcher EASY!Force also puts an end to this as the valve consists of a ceramic ball with ceramic sealing seat that is resistant to any particles liable to cause potential damage. This gives it a lifetime 5 times longer than trigger guns with conventional valve.

Intuitive for safe working

The trigger safety of the new EASY!Force trigger gun prevents unintentional operation and offers maximum safety during use – without compromising on ease of use. You only need to press the trigger once to release the high-pressure jet – intuitive and simple. The EASY!Force trigger gun remains open as long as the trigger is pressed. When you release the trigger, the trigger gun immediately switches off.

Comfortable in any situation

The Karcher EASY!Force HD trigger gun offers optimal comfort for ease of use in any working position. In certain situations, in particular when working overhead or at different working angles, an extra handle can be used.

  • HD & HDS Karcher Professional Pressure Washers
  • Easy!Lock Connection System ONLY

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